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Press-release: Prometeo Chain System Presents The Revolutionary Ikarus Smart Halal Solution at an Online Conference with the Participation of Key Industry Players
09/09/2023 · 3 min read
The leading research and development company in the field of Industry 4.0, Prometeo Chain System, successfully held an online conference dedicated to the innovative platform "Ikarus Smart Halal".
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Astana, Kazakhstan - The leading research and development company in the field of Industry 4.0, Prometeo Chain System, successfully held an online conference dedicated to the innovative platform "Ikarus Smart Halal". The event, held on September 8, attracted representatives of the Kazakhstan Institute of Standardization and Metrology, JSC Center for Trade Policy Development "QazTrade", the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Atameken", the Kazakh National Agrarian Research University, Association of Halal Industry of Kazakhstan, as well as key producers of halal products, including meat and dairy, ice cream, pasta and various products.
The event discussed the topical issues of effective supply chain management in the field of halal products and the use of advanced technologies of Industry 4.0. During the conference, participants got acquainted with the innovative and universal platform "Ikarus Smart Halal" fromPrometeo Chain System, which is designed to turn the approach to the certification of halal products.
Exploring the key points of the conference:
  • Participation of key organizations:
  • The event brought together the most important representatives of the Kazakh sphere of standardization and entrepreneurship, demonstrating the importance of the development of halal products for Kazakhstan.
  • Integration of advanced technologies:
  • Modern methods of using Industry 4.0 to improve the quality and authenticity of halal products were discussed.
  • Ikarus Smart Halal:
  • Prometeo Chain System has introduced an innovative platform "Ikarus Smart Halal" , which guarantees the authenticity and quality of products, provides support for IoT and GPS devices to combat counterfeiting and smuggling, and also provides full transparency with QR codes.

    The CEO of Prometeo Chain System, Kenesarina Damira, and the Chief Operating Officer, Andrea Сadamuro, answered questions from manufacturers about the introduction of this revolutionary technology into their business processes. They explained in detail how Ikarus Smart Halal protects products from counterfeiting and provides full transparency of the entire chain of production, delivery and storage of halal products.
    Ikarus Smart Halal also allows users to exchange and securely store important data, including laboratory certificates and digital documents, using blockchain technologies, guaranteeing trust and transparency in the production of halal products.
    "We are proud to present our innovative Ikarus Smart Halal platform, which helps to increase customer confidence and improve the quality of halal products," mentioned Andrea Сadamuro, Chief Operating Officer of Prometeo Chain System.
    Prometeo Chain System believes that Ikarus Smart Halal will have a significant impact on the development of halal products, strengthening the position of companies in the market. This will ensure the trust of customers and, thus, open the doors for manufacturers wishing to export their products to the Middle East and Asia, where Halal certification is mandatory and of particular importance. As a result of these efforts, these countries will have more confidence in products and will be ready to increase imports of goods from these manufacturers.
    In addition, the introduction of Ikarus Smart Halal technology will contribute to improving the trade and economic condition of Kazakhstan:
    Export growth: Increasing the confidence of Kazakhstani producers of halal products on the part of world markets will increase exports, which, in turn, will increase the volume of foreign exchange earnings to the country.
    Strengthening of reputation: Kazakhstan can establish itself as a reliable supplier of halal products, which will attract additional investments and partnerships with foreign companies.
    Job creation: The development of the halal industry within the country will contribute to the creation of jobs and the development of local economic entities.
    Technology Development: The promotion of innovative technologies, such as Ikarus Smart Halal, contributes to the development of the technical sector and competencies in the field of Industry 4.0 in Kazakhstan.
    As a result, this decision will contribute to strengthening economic stability and diversity in Kazakhstan, opening up new prospects for local producers and foreign trade.
    About the Ikarus Smart Halal Platform: The innovative Ikarus Smart Halal platform has the potential to be used not only in the field of halal products but also for all manufacturers of various goods and products. This solution allows you to reliably track and document the full product lifecycle.
    At the end of the event, CEO Damira Kenesarina said that Prometeo Chain System plans to hold a large-scale conference at the end of this month, bringing together all interested parties and companies to demonstrate a wide range of capabilities of its technology for product lifecycle tracking. The conference will be focused on manufacturers of all types of products and goods who strive to ensure authenticity, quality and transparency in their business processes.
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