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Prometeo Chain System progress report describing the progress and milestones achieved in the fourth quarter of 2023.
01/29/2024 · 12-minutes read
This report will describe all progress made by Prometeo during October, November and December, including new partner agreements, events attended, staff training, research and application development.
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Dear colleagues and partners,
We are pleased to share the results and impressions of our active participation in various events in the fourth quarter of 2023. This period was full of important events and opportunities to expand our horizons and strengthen our business relationships.
Major Events
The quarter began with eventful and fruitful meetings to form possible collaborations. On October 4, Astana hosted the 26th International Exhibition TransLogistica Kazakhstan 2023, which we attended and established business contacts with companies from different countries. Our meetings and communication with the exhibitors allowed us to get acquainted with the latest trends in logistics and transportation, as well as to exchange experience with other companies in this field.
The next day, October 5, we took part in a conference organized by the Atameken Chamber of Entrepreneurs, where Latvian business representatives participated as well. At this event, the Chief Operating Officer of Prometeo Chain System, Andrea Cadamuro, presented our company's solutions. After the conference we held B2B meetings with representatives of major Latvian logistics and forwarding companies, which facilitated the exchange of experience and the establishment of fruitful business relations.
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On October 11, together with Atameken, we organized a conference on "The Power of Trust: How Ikarus Trust is Changing the Approach to Production and Supporting Business Growth". The event brought together various food producers from Kazakhstan, members of Atameken, representatives of Kazstandart, Agro-Universities of Kazakhstan and many other stakeholders.
At the conference, Prometeo Chain System representatives presented the Ikarus Trust solution and talked about how this technology can help food manufacturers to protect their brands from counterfeiting, increase competitiveness and make production processes more efficient.
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On October 27 in Astana, representatives of Prometeo Chain System took part in the conference "Association of producers and importers of alcoholic and nicotine-containing products "QazSpirits". This event became a platform for discussion of important aspects of reducing harm from smoking and exchange of global experience in this sphere.
One of the important aspects that were discussed at the conference was the use of Ikarus Trust technology. This innovative technology allows tracking the entire chain of goods, such as cigarettes and e-cigarettes, from counterfeit and smuggled goods to excise goods. Thanks to this technology, it is also possible to track the purchase of these products to prevent the sale of cigarettes to minors and block the possibility of their purchase.
On October 30, we visited the Kokshetau Mineral Waters plant, Kazakhstan's largest producer of natural mineral water, beverages and alcoholic beverages. As part of this meeting we discussed how our Ikarus Trust solution could help the plant's processes and reduce costs.
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On November 1, we actively participated in the 17th Central Asian International Exhibition "Agriculture" AgroWorld Qazaqstan 2023. As part of this event we were invited by the Poultry Union of Kazakhstan to give a presentation on "The Power of Trust: How Ikarus Trust is Changing the Approach to Production and Driving Business Growth". The presentation was made by CEO, Damira Kenesarina, on behalf of Prometeo Chain System.
On November 13, we participated in the 6th Plenary Session of the CICA Business Council and the 8th Business Forum "Prospects for Cooperation of CICA Member States in Food Security, Renewable Energy and Green Finance". This event was organized by IFCA and included speeches of various experts and presentation of investment projects in the field of food security, renewable energy and green finance.
On December 1, in Astana, we took part in the negotiations of exporters with foreign partners organized by QazTrade Trade Policy Development Center JSC. In this B2B format, we had the opportunity to establish contacts and discuss prospects for cooperation with representatives of countries such as Turkey, Oman, Azerbaijan, Russia, China, UAE and Uzbekistan. This event not only helped us to expand the geography of our partnerships, but also inspired us with new ideas and projects.
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The next day, again in Astana, on December 2 we took part in QazTrade Accelerator program participants' meeting. This event allowed us to share our experience and knowledge with young entrepreneurs and startups, which contributes to the development of the business ecosystem in Kazakhstan.
On December 14, we held a conference organized by the Kazakhstan Association of Nutritionists, where we actively discussed the issues of traceability of food products and their impact on health.
We thank everyone for their participation and support in these events. Our achievements and experience gained during these events will contribute to the further development of Prometeo Chain System and strengthening of our partnerships.
Fourth Quarter Report 2023: Pioneering Innovations and Expanding Capabilities
As we close the fourth quarter of 2023, our company has continued to make remarkable strides in technology and innovation. This period has been marked by significant advancements and enhancements across our various projects, solidifying our position as a leader in the IT and blockchain sectors. Our teams have worked tirelessly to deliver practical and cutting-edge solutions, and their dedication is evident in the progress we have made.
Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology:
  • Our introduction of a new payment microservice utilizing stripe technology for blockchain usage tokens represents a significant step forward in simplifying transactions and improving user experience.
  • The coverage of masternode, validator, and pool features with unit and integration tests has greatly bolstered the robustness and reliability of our blockchain systems.
  • We have achieved a notable increase in blockchain efficiency by effectively addressing and eliminating out-of-sync issues on validators, ensuring smoother and more reliable operations.

  • Blockchain and Data Management:
  • Enhancements in data quality and exchange with connected projects have enabled us to store and manage clearer and more accurate data sets.
  • We have updated the access protocol to IPFS nodes, eliminating direct external source access to bolster security and efficiency.

  • Ikarus WAY Front-end and Support:
  • Our team conducted extensive testing of the Ikarus WAY frontend, leading to significant improvements in user profiles, drop-down gates, and support pages.
  • We introduced an advanced order management logic, facilitating smoother coordination among three key stakeholder companies: carriers, forwarders, and our own platform.
  • The implementation of flexible role management and permission assignment for company employees has greatly enhanced our internal operational efficiency.
  • Improvements in file interaction functionalities and the secured access to IPFS nodes have further solidified the reliability and security of our systems.

  • Mobile App Development:
  • The Android mobile application for cargo sender and receiver companies has been updated, offering a more streamlined and user-friendly experience.
  • We introduced a new freight start and delivery confirmation process using QR codes, enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of cargo handling between loaders, drivers, and receivers.
  • The addition of document signing by drawing the signature has provided a more convenient and secure method for authentication and confirmation.

  • Ikarus Stoke Warehouse Management System (WMS):
  • The integration of new suborders for warehouse kitting has streamlined our warehouse operations, allowing for more efficient handling and processing of orders.
  • A revamped notification system has been implemented, ensuring timely and effective communication with our clients.
  • Our teams have introduced automatic daily warehouse status report updates, providing up-to-date information and enhancing decision-making capabilities.
  • The implementation of new technical support features has bolstered our ability to promptly address and resolve any issues, ensuring uninterrupted service for our clients.

  • As we reflect on the progress made in the fourth quarter, it is clear that our commitment to technological excellence and innovation continues to drive us forward. Our focus remains on delivering practical and effective solutions to our clients, and we eagerly anticipate the opportunities and challenges that the coming year will bring. Thank you to all our dedicated team members and partners for their hard work and commitment. Together, we are shaping a brighter, more innovative future.
    Thanks for reading, and see you all again on our blog!
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