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Visiting event "Export potential of Kazakhstan and Central Asia: problems and solutions"
05/15/2023 · 3 min read
Read about the recent sitting of Round Table in Astana and what was discussed during the event.
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image for a blog cardPrometeo Chain System team
On 4th May of 2023, representatives of Prometeo Chain system took part in the sitting of Round Table on the topic of "Export Potential of Kazakhstan and Central Asia: Problems and Solutions", held in Astana and organized with the joint efforts of the Transport and Communications Research Institute (TK Research Institute), “Transport and Logistics Partnership in Central Asia” Association, the Association of Research and Design Organisations (ARPA), the “Silk Road” Institute and the Union of Kazakhstan Transport Workers “KAZLOGISTICS”.
In addition, the event's media partner and co-organizer, TLK Media LLP, broadcasted the meeting live on social media, also filming an interview with Prometeo company’s co-founder and CEO, Andrea Cadamuro, which can be accessed on YouTube (2:23:02).
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The event was organized to discuss the issues of exporting freight, the development of the transport and logistics complex and its impact on the economies of Kazakhstan and Central Asia, finding solutions to the problems above mentioned, and questions of what customer orientation means in today's realities, and much more.
There were several speakers, including Yuri Lavrinenko, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of KTZ, and the Deputy Chairman of the Presidium of the Kazakhstan Union of Transport Workers "KAZLOGISTICS", as well as representatives of the Association "Partnership for Transport and Logistics in Central Asia", transport forwarding and operator companies from Georgia, Kazakhstan, the Kazakhstan Union of Transport Workers "KAZLOGISTICS", and industry educational institutions.
A detailed program of the event was also prepared for all participants. In the beginning, the conference discussed the development of key projects and transformations of KTZ, the transport and logistics needs of exporters in Kazakhstan and Central Asia, and relevant aspects of transport corridor development.
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The session also talked about the Trans-Caspian route and its bottlenecks, as well as its development prospects. Moreover, many cargo owners were given the opportunity to speak, sharing their own experiences and challenges.
During the discourse process, Kazakhstan's export potential and its realization were also analyzed. The issues of state support for the development of container transportation were discussed with examples of practical advice from operators. Conference participants also raised the issue of the implementation of the Eurasian AgroExpress and the construction of the Mangyshlak-Bautino railway line.
The final speeches were devoted to professional personnel in the transport and logistics complex and the methodology of optimizing logistics chains in the interests of cargo owners. In general, the conference was devoted to important issues of the development of the transport and logistics complex of Kazakhstan and its contribution to the economy of the country and the region as a whole.
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Thus, Prometeo Chain System was invited to the meeting as one of the companies closely collaborating with the transport and logistics industry. The event was a great opportunity for us not only to establish stronger links with our potential customers but also to learn more about their needs and the problems we aim to solve with our Ikarus technology the principle of which you can read more about in our blog.
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