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Ikarus Trust
Secure Brand Integrity with Ikarus Trust
Effectively combat counterfeiting using Ikarus Trust smart contracts and QR code tracking integrated with the Ikarus Network. Our end-to-end solution provides authentication, location tracking and access to critical product information throughout the product lifecycle. Improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and protect your brand from illegal activity while driving sales growth and customer loyalty.
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How it works
Ikarus Trust offers web and mobile platforms to ensure product safety
web iconWeb platform
mobile iconMobile platform
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The web platform
Ikarus Trust`s web platform acts as a safeguarding nexus, employing smart contracts and QR code technology to fortify brand protection measures. It presents a user-friendly interface for brand and product identification, combating counterfeiting while ensuring product authenticity and traceability.
Brand Protection Hub
QR Code Integration
Counterfeit Prevention Measures
Smart Contract-Enabled Authentication
User-Friendly Interface
The mobile app
The Ikarus Trust mobile app empowers users with seamless QR code scanning and smart contract authentication, ensuring brand and product protection on-the-go. It enables swift product verification and counterfeit prevention measures, maintaining brand integrity.
QR Code Scanning for Product Verification
Product tracking using IoT devices
Smart Contract-Enabled Product Authentication
Counterfeit Prevention Measures
Integrity Maintenance
Why Ikarus Trust is different?
Ikarus Trust: Elevate, Protect, Grow
web iconSmart Contracts
mobile iconIoT devices
mobile iconBlockchain
Growth your business
Elevate your business with Ikarus Trust's comprehensive solutions. From ensuring product quality to combating counterfeiting and optimizing operations, we redefine success. Leverage detailed sales analytics, combat counterfeiting with QR code tracking, and stay agile with IoT integration. Ikarus Trust synergizes growth, trust, and efficiency, unlocking unparalleled business expansion.
Sales and brand growth
Cost Reducing
Access to information and certification
Increasing customer loyalty
Improving operational efficiency
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Increased product authentication
Smart contracts in blockchain technology are revolutionizing anti-counterfeiting services by offering product authentication and supply chain tracking. These automated contracts provide security and transparency, significantly reducing counterfeiting.
Consumer trust
Operational efficiency
Fight against fraud
Checking compliance with regulatory requirements
Comprehensive Product Tracking
Ikarus Trust is a new method for protecting brands and products from counterfeiting. The system is based on the use of smart contracts combined with QR codes, the system allows you to register the individual product by uniquely recognizing it via the QR code and the smart contract. Within the smart contract the company can not only record every single piece of information, such as and not limited to:
Tracking with IoT systems
Documents and certifications
Product quality guarantee
Place of sale and more
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Blockchain Connectivity
Using blockchain, you can grow your business by guaranteeing product quality, fighting counterfeiting, and optimizing operations. Ikarus Trust guarantees control over the authenticity of goods, their location, relevant documentation and information from IoT devices. And the solution seamlessly integrates with your system, bringing together growth, trust and efficiency, unlocking unprecedented business expansion through blockchain connectivity.
Flexible integration with third-party services
Secure and Immutable Data Management
Enhanced Trust and Transparency
Data Integrity Assurance
Strengthened Security Measures
Why Ikarus Trust is the best solution ?
3-5.8 %
Increasing net financial benefits of revenue
Parameters available to register
12 %
Reduction cost for the maintenance and emission