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Logistic and Transport
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The Ikarus Way is not just a new freight exchange, it's more than that.

Whether you're just starting out as a carrier or a seasoned industry professional, Ikarus Way will help your business thrive. Our advanced tools are designed to reduce operating costs and prioritize access to the best freight.
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Easy publish your truck and your route
Seamlessly put your truck on the radar of thousands of verified transport experts by crafting an enticing transport offer.

Simply input the specifics of your route, dates, type of vehicle, and the volume and weight you can accommodate.

Maximize your opportunities to secure more loads than ever before!
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Secure the best freight transport deals first
With Ikarus, you'll always be one step ahead, finding the best deals on freight transportation within 20, 50, and 100 miles from your route, or your city. With our technology, you will be able to see all new offers along your routes to maximize your revenue and reduce your costs, and reduce the empty trip
Optimize your expenses and boost your profits
Handle every aspect of your business efficiently, from coordinating loads and scheduling journeys to securing payments.
Book more profitable loads from trusted brokers
Get the most accurate market rates based on $70 billion in verified freight deals, plus tools that vet every business partner.
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Increase the digitalization
Digitize Your Business with Ikarus Way: Enhance Efficiency and Security through Digital Signature, Document Creation, and Sharing. Digitalization reduces document errors, provides instant updates, and verifies digital signatures, boosting productivity, efficiency, and information security.
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Minimizing the risk of errors
Document Digitization: Preventing Errors and Optimizing Timelines for Enhanced Business Efficiency. Paperwork Errors: A Costly Risk for Businesses. Manual data entry is prone to mistakes, where even a simple typo or misplaced decimal can lead to significant issues like shipment delays, lost items, damaged customer relationships, and excessive expenses.
Sharing Documents Efficiently
Logistics Companies and Road Freight Fleets: Embracing Digital Data Storage and Sharing to Boost Supply Chain Efficiency. The Sharing of documents and of data can increase the speed of operations and increase the trust between all members in the supply chain.
Verification digital signature
Ikarus Way together with Ikarus Network gives you the perfect place to verify digital signatures, and store all documents in an unalterable location and encrypted.
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Enhance your fleet’s productivity.
Protect your business and improve your operations. Make decisions backed by insights provided by our platform integrated with our blockchain, IoT and GPS devices.
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Improve transparency
See where your drivers, assets, materials, and equipments are and how they’re being delivered, in real-time and even in remote areas
Improve connectivity
Ensure that vehicles, drivers, customers and partners are integrated with the central office, giving everyone involved access to the information they need to communicate effectively and quickly
Improve efficiency
Optimize the efficiency for your business, avoid travel empty and Maximizing Truck Load Factor