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Optimize your business with Ikarus!
Take charge of your transportation network, adding predictability and flexibility to your strategy and operation.

Today the challenge is not just to find a right service for move the goods, but is necessary to improve the warehouse management and protect your brand and your product from the counterfeit

With Ikarus Stock and Ikarus Trust your challenge will be over and your company will be ready for the future.
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Ikarus Way is not just a Freight Exchange platform but is a complete platform for your needs.
Find the right carrier or broker for your needs with Ikarus WAY!
Create your freight offer in seconds by entering key data such as origin and destination, type of cargo and preferred type of vehicle.

Find your new partner in the local or international market, verified by us. With Ikarus Way you can not only find, but also establish strong partnerships and increase the transparency and efficiency of your logistics processes.
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Get the best offers from carriers first
With Ikarus, your shipment will be prioritized, providing access to reliable carriers near you. Our technology allows us to track available vehicles in real time, reducing the cost and waiting time for delivery. This improves dispatch efficiency and reduces the risk of delays.
Control costs and maximize revenues
Cover every step of running your business, from managing loads to planning trips to getting paid.
Find more vehicles with the best price
Get the most accurate market rates based on $70 billion in verified freight deals, plus tools that vet every business partner.
Ikarus Stock is a new way to automate warehouse management and secure data.
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Organize your warehouse better, Ikarus Stock it’s here!
In the fast-paced business world, efficient warehouse management is crucial. Ikarus Stock provides a solution with its fully automated system, integrating smart contracts, IoT, and IT systems for streamlined operations. This innovation enhances operational efficiency and accuracy, helping businesses stay competitive through advanced warehouse management technology.
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Plan better your space
Ikarus Stock optimizes warehouse space, enhancing activities with efficient management of movement times, goods acceptance, product positioning, and future inventory planning. It ensures unique product registration for streamlined operations.
Automize your operation
Enhance Operations with Smart Contract Technology: Streamline processes and improve warehouse efficiency. Smart contracts track product history, manage warranties, and simplify purchase records, offering an all-in-one solution for operational excellence.
AI, QR, RFID & Blockchain
The integration of AI, QR codes, RFID, and Smart Contracts revolutionizes warehouse management by enhancing inventory accuracy, enabling real-time tracking, and automating secure transactions. These technologies collectively streamline operations, ensuring efficiency and compliance in a fast-paced market.
"Discover Ikarus Trust - a technological module designed for full integration into any IT system."
Ensure the Integrity of Your Brand and Product with Ikarus Trust!
As the menace of counterfeiting grows, Ikarus Trust stands as the ultimate safeguard. Equipping you with cutting-edge tools, our solution enables customers to effortlessly verify the authenticity of your product by scanning the QR code. Uphold the credibility of your brand and guarantee that customers receive genuine products with Ikarus Trust.
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Distributed Ledger, data protection
Ikarus Trust utilizes our distributed ledger, Ikarus Network, designed to support data from various IoT devices and GPS trackers. Why use blockchain technology? Blockchain offers:

Secure, immutable data recording
High-volume automatic data registration
QR technology integration for individual product recognition linked to specific smart contracts
Capability to update and add diverse, dynamic data, and more.

This approach ensures enhanced security and efficiency in data management, making it ideal for businesses leveraging IoT and GPS technology for product tracking and verification.
Smart contract with the condition
Our smart contracts are specifically designed to record various types of data and automate tasks based on received information. The data can be diverse, including:

Product details (like name, serial number)
Production data (locations, dates, IoT device readings during production or transport)
Transportation data
Distribution data
Sales data
And much more

This system enhances supply chain transparency and efficiency, making it ideal for businesses seeking to optimize operations and data management.
Unique and dynamic QR code
Each product is identified by a unique and dynamic QR code, linked to a smart contract and connected to the company's wallet. This system enables partners, distributors, and customers to verify the product's authenticity, enhancing trust and security in the supply chain.

Discovered how Ikarus can help your operations