The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.” Bill Gates

We are a visionary company, aiming to integrate blockchain into the daily life of people. We want to display blockchain as efficient in daily life, in the same manner, it is for financial purposes. We know that blockchain is the next global digital revolution, likewise, the internet was back in time.


Prometeo Chain System LLC is an American company based in Delaware with an operative office in Kazakhstan with our local company, Prometeo Chain System KZ LTD based in AIFC, and a member of Astana Hub the largest techno-park of IT start-ups in Central Asia.

The company is involved in creating an entire technological ecosystem of 2 different systems. With the help of blockchain technology, we support data protection and privacy.

The company has a patent for a new blockchain system and two new technologies because we want to integrate blockchain into daily life, in the same manner, as users apply it for financial purposes. 

The four technologies under development are:

  • A new type of blockchain named Prometeo, contains a new consensus mechanism called proof-of-unityWith Prometeo, the company aims to solve the trilemma including scalability, security, and decentralization, hypothesized by Buterin, the inventor of the Ethereum blockchain. In addition, Prometeo will have two new features that will create a secure, reliable, and user-friendly network. They are:
    • Use of biometric data. Biometric data is used in order to protect the transactions from fake confirmations and help recovering wallets, if their private keys are lost.
    • Roll-back system. The system will allow you to review and modify the transaction.
    • These two innovations are impossible to find in the blockchain market today. But the core innovative approach of our company will make it possible and accessible
  • The second technology is Ikarus an alternative to the GNSS (GPS, Galileo…) as a navigation and time-stamp management system. With the help of the blockchain and the use of low radio frequencies, we will be able to fulfil the tasks on par with the satellite system, but without the associated costs and implementation times, not to mention the maintenance involved in the satellite system today. Thanks to the use of blockchain, it will also allow for numerous third-party services to be implemented, but without the related costs that GPS technology requires today. Ikarus system will create a network that will be protected and safe enough even to manage strategic assets for a country (electricity, finance, banking, traffic system, and many more) that require a safe and reliable timestamp without delegating their protection to a third country.

Our team comprises numerous members from professors and experts from various fields, like space agencies, consulting for radio communication, and blockchain development. Today we have 10 full-time enthusiastic members, along with a number of partners and clients from different fields (building construction, governments agency, mall companies, and mining companies)