The agriculture of future

For a more sustainable and efficient agriculture ​

Most upcoming agricultural technologies are divided into four categories that are expected to be the pillars of the smart farm: real-time monitoring by drone, robotic labor, sensors, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Smart agriculture powered by IoT is causing quite a stir in the farming world. Here are some examples of automated farming:

Seeding and Planting

Once a huge challenge, sowing, has now become an opportunity because of agriculture automation. With autonomous tractors and IoT-enabled systems, future farming can feed information back to the farmer allowing for optimal growth. Geo Mapping along with sensor data can help in detailing clay quality, moisture, solidity, and nutrient levels take a lot of the guesswork out of the seeding process. With our technology it will be possible controlled by remote all automation for plating seeding and collecting without  using personnel.

Watering and irrigation automated

Smart farming pairs SDI (Subsurface Drip Irrigation) which is the most prevalent irrigation method to control crop watering time and situation with IoT based smart agriculture sensor helps to continuously monitor moisture levels and plant health automatically. With our technology it will be possible to receive all data in real-time about consumption and quality of water.


Real-Time Monitoring and Analysis

Remote monitoring and analysis of fields and crops is one of the most useful tasks that sensors and drones can perform, saving tons of time that would otherwise be wasted in personal trips. It is possible to receive data of temperature, Ph, wind, moisture, precipitation, pressure, humidity, and many other variables using Ikarus and other sensors…

Delivery and payment

IKARUS tracker in the vehicles facilitates tracking of the location of the truck or any supplier vehicles ensuring safe and timely delivery. Online money Transfer by Prometeo is automatically by our smart contract  for Smart agriculture automation system we ensure timely billing and quality check, this is possible because with the tracking and our sensors it will be possible follow the delivery and the conditions of delivery.


In Ikarus we have realized the our Artificial Intelligent and Machine Learning for predicted all needs about maintenance, planting and watering necessary and the moment for collect the entire crops.

Data for all software

Ikarus with the our exclusive radio standard permits to receive and send automated orders in absence of internet and for all locations. All data are available by our software or our API for all kind of front end software included the front end made by third company everything.