Ikarus Smart Bulding

Ikarus Building network for the future of construction

Reducing injury and improve the efficiently
Why using IKARUS building?

Construction sites of megaprojects have various workflows, according to the size and type of the project. In such context, a challenging task is to plan and organise such complex projects . Further, the lack of adequate digital and precise data requires a permanent project manager at a physical presence. Hence, Ikarus Building with his Network helps project managers to control several construction sites remotely at various locations simultaneously and to intervene quickly to adjust their activity to the effects of real-time data.

AI and ML

The Ikarus network consists of intelligent devices (IoT) that are installed around the worksite, connected to vehicles, materials, and attached to workers by our tag.
Besides, by out AI and ML connected to the IoT application handles all incoming information and provides supervisors with up-to-date information and alerts for particular events such as the system stops working and the process stage is completed, thereby allowing them to make suitable decisions.

Minimized project delay by weather predictions

Typically, the construction site is not prepared to face abnormal weather situations, and preventive mechanisms are not in place . Hence, the status of such a situation leads to the loss of money and downtime delays in the construction process. However, the Ikarus Building network’s usage promptly alerts such bad weather by interacting with the meteorological station. Therefore, countermeasures can be taken on time.

Predictions maintenance machinery and equipment

Maintenance of machinery and equipements is necessary to prevent additional expenses due to severe damage. The IoT sensors together the Ikarus’s Building Newtork allows sending information on the current state of tools and equipment in real-time to repair or maintain needs. The heavy-duty construction machines are equipped with sensors, where such sensors can detect the required maintenance from range, such as temperature fluctuations and increased vibrations.

Security Management

There is a possibility for material theft at the site if the storage units are not adequately supervised. However, with the help of Ikarus’s tag any material theft is easily solved using IoT labels since these sensors inform the current location of such materials . Furthermore, the Ikarus-developed security device known as Ikarus Tag, which operates over Wi-Fi networks and the our new exclusive standard. This unit is placed at doors and provides control over doors through mobile devices. Moreover, such a device scans every object pass through doors and triggers an alarm when there are threats or when someone entrance without allowed.

Human resource management

Firms need to make sure that employees work effectively and efficiently under considerations of third-party safety, obligations of the contract, and rules of the firm. Through the Ikarus Navigation application, the our tag attached to the employees’ uniform are enabled to notify the supervisor of their presence, abilities, and credentials for the task and the time they spend on particular activities. Furthermore, such data from IoT used for human resource development and payment procedures by Ikarus’s network .

Ikarus allows through our tag and our AI allows to recognize workers who do not follow the rules and security after by notifies the supervisor.

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