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2023 Q2 Updates across Prometeo and Ikarus@ Smart Logistic
7/3/2023 · 07/03/2023 · 8 min read
This is the second progress report for the Prometeo Chain System, outlining the progress and milestones achieved during the second quarter of 2023.
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In this report, all the progress achieved by Prometeo in April, May, and June will be described, including new partnerships, events visited, personnel training, scientific research, and application developments.
Major events
When it comes to major events, the start of the quarter was marked by the participation of the Prometeo team in job fairs organized by L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University (ENU) and Astana IT University (AITU) on April 28.
image for a blog cardPrometeo team representatives at a job fair organized by AITU
As part of our close collaboration with these universities, Prometeo Chain System hosts its R&D laboratory at ENU and actively welcomes interns and student practitioners from both ENU and AITU. For this reason, we welcomed the opportunity to participate in the job fair to recruit more young talents and provide students with valuable opportunities to gain hands-on experience in their chosen field of study.
image for a blog cardPrometeo team representatives at a job fair organized by ENU
Soon after this, Prometeo Chain System was invited to the sitting of the Round Table in Astana regarding the issues of the transport and logistics industries. The event was held on May 4th on the topic of "Export Potential of Kazakhstan and Central Asia: Problems and Solutions", and organized by various notable organizations such as Transport and Communications Research Institute (TK Research Institute), "Transport and Logistics Partnership in Central Asia" Association, the Association of Research and Design Organizations, "Silk Road" Institute, and the Union of Kazakhstan Transport Workers ("KAZLOGISTICS").
image for a blog cardGroup photo of Prometeo representatives on the sitting of Round Table “Export Potential of Kazakhstan and Central Asia: Problems and Solutions”
The meeting highlighted the issues of exporting freight, the development of the transport and logistics complex, and its impact on the economies of Kazakhstan and Central Asia. It also discussed potential solutions to the problems mentioned above.
By the end of May, a meeting was also held with the Deputy Executive Director of AMME, Bakhyt Manasbayeva at the AMME site. At the meeting, Prometeo Chain System was accompanied by the head of consultants of the National Center for Technological Forecasting at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Timur Izbasarov. During the meeting, the Deputy Executive Director of AMME and the management of Prometeo discussed the company's planned speech at a round table on the topic "Personnel and social responsibility".
image for a blog cardPrometeo representatives at the meeting with AMME
Prometeo Team's Visit to the "Personnel and Social Responsibility" Round Table Event: Second day of exhibition
Like that, the next time at the round table meeting, Andrea Kadamuro was invited as a speaker. The meeting on the topic of "Personnel and Social Responsibility" was held on the 1st and 2nd of June, within the frameworks of the XIII International Mining and Metallurgical Congress "Astana Mining & Metallurgy", and was organized by the Republican Association of Mining and Metallurgical Enterprises (AMME). The first day marked the beginning of the proceedings, while on the second day, our representatives visited the exhibition.
image for a blog cardAndrea Cadamuro giving speech at the sitting on topic of "Personnel and Social Responsibility"
Andrea Cadamuro, the Chief Operating Officer and CEO of Prometeo Chain System, was honored to be among the distinguished speakers at the event. In his presentation, he emphasized the significance of cultivating full-fledged partnerships between universities and businesses, going beyond the traditional client-supplier-type relationships. He highlighted the importance of collaborative efforts to ensure that graduates possess a wealth of knowledge spanning various disciplines and networks, along with the essential skills to thrive in team environments.
In addition, the event also highlighted the significance of corporate social responsibility, with thought-provoking presentations from industry leaders and top managers of such companies as “ArcelorMittal Temirtau”, "AK Altynalmas", and “NAC “Kazatomprom”.
New Partnerships
Another way in which the second quarter was fruitful was through new partnerships and agreements reached by Prometeo.
On May 5, we officially announced our collaboration with FIATA, the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations. This partnership allows our Ikarus platform the ability to issue Digital FBL (trusted multimodal negotiable transport documents, aligned with the ICC/UNCTAD rules) to approve the authenticity of origin in the freight forwarding industry directly. Now our customers will be able to decide if they want to print the document or share it in digital format. And both printed and digital FBL will be secured and can be verified at any time by all stakeholders interacting with the document.
On May 24, Prometeo Chain System held a meeting with the Union of Automobile Carriers and Forwarders of Kazakhstan (UACFK), marking the beginning of our partnership. The primary objective of this collaboration is to digitally transform transport logistics in Kazakhstan, with the aim of improving the efficiency of logistics operations through state-of-the-art transport, logistics, and forwarding solutions. Within this partnership, Prometeo Chain System and UACFK will jointly undertake scientific and commercial projects, leveraging our collective expertise in software development for the digitalization of transport logistics. We will also collaborate in implementing research findings and enhancing existing technologies, products, works, and services in this domain.
Scientific research
Along with our achievements in the field of communication and networking, we have made considerable progress in our scientific research and plans.
Work has been carried out to investigate the possibility of using artificial intelligence technology in the company's blockchain projects by our researchers. A number of scientific publications related to the integration of artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies have been found and analyzed. We settled on using the method of deep learning with reinforcement. Following that, a consensus algorithm is being developed, that ensures the formation of an optimal P2P group of validators. With this innovative algorithm, we aim to optimize and streamline the organization of nodes into P2P groups, resulting in significant time and resource savings during transaction validation. But that's not all — the algorithm will also serve as a powerful safety net against single attacks on nodes, enhancing the overall security and efficiency of the network.
We began working on the software implementation of the algorithm with interns. Our team already wrote a part that models the environment in this method, and we are still in the process of the study of effective internal algorithms to use.
Adding to that, we made progress in improving the Ikarus Network for warehouse management. In particular, the problem of optimizing the placement of goods in the warehouse was considered. In the brainstorming of a solution, the idea of placing goods in a warehouse based on the 80-20 rule was thought of.
In economics, the so-called Pareto rule, or the 80-20 rule, is widely known, according to which only a fifth (20%) of total causes produce 80% of all outcomes. In any warehouse with a large assortment of warehouses, the total cargo flow largely depends on their location. Naturally, it is advisable to place those objects that are most often requested in the "hot zone", that is, closest to the exit.
Thus, the 80-20 mathematical algorithm was deemed appropriate for use in the organization of storage facilities and will be integrated into the platform.
Prometeo Applications
When it comes to Prometeo applications, some considerable work accomplishments were made in a span of three months. Some functions were updated for railway and warehouse management and integrated following the agreement with FIATA. The Ikarus Network saw considerable changes and fixes both in applications and design. Moreover, the new extension of the Ikarus Wallet was developed for easier access to the network.
Below, you can read the list of the majority of enhancements integrated into Prometeo Applications.
For the Ikarus Platform the following changes were implemented:
  • The company registration request page was updated.
  • Loading components were improved to enhance user experience.
  • Issues with the truck component on the contract details page were resolved.
  • The service for sending notifications in real time was improved.
  • A preview function was updated for better visibility of data
  • Graphics in the dashboard analytics section were improved to be more visually appealing.
  • The history and update component columns in the contract detail page were improved for easy log tracking
  • Columns in the truck and container pages were updated for better data representation.
  • A page for company setup was upgraded to be more user-friendly.
  • A contract update component was improved for efficient contract management.
  • The calendar page was updated and optimized for improved scheduling.
  • Consistent and user-friendly input validations were ensured across the application.
  • Improved functionalities and data-loading mechanisms from the API.
  • Updated CRM contract types for better categorization.
  • Changed a booking page to be more user-friendly for efficient resource allocation.
  • Changed a support page for addressing user inquiries and issues.
  • Improved Cloud file storage and IPFS service.
  • Testing of all server APIs for correct performance with other services was conducted.
  • Improved quotation page for generating accurate pricing information.
  • Updated invoice page for easy billing and financial management.
  • The Proforma Invoice page for accurate cost estimation was also upgraded.
  • Made additional small improvements and bug fixes.

  • Following that, some other Ikarus features were improved further specifically for Railway Management:
  • Updated functionalities for railways management.
  • Upgraded a section in the resources for efficient wagon management.
  • New wagons to the railway inventory were added for improved resource tracking.
  • Updated support page with relevant functionalities.
  • Updated contract filtering options based on location, client name, date, and other parameters.
  • The data render generator to Excel file format was enhanced for easy data export.

  • After the establishment of a partnership with FIATA, the following updates were added to the network:
  • FIATA service for improved logistics management.
  • A billing section was updated on the contract details page.
  • Valid documents according to the established template, with guaranteed authenticity using the FIATA service.
  • Changed the Bill of Lading page to be more user-friendly for streamlined documentation.

  • Some Ikarus design revisions were made for Warehouse Management:
  • Added a more intuitive and visually appealing dashboard for comprehensive data visualization.
  • Revised a product page to be more aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly for effective inventory management.
  • Designed a more user-friendly documents page for easy access to important documentation.
  • Improved design for calendar page for more efficient scheduling.
  • Upgraded layout for easy navigation and content organization.
  • Updated company page to be more detailed and provide key information about the organization.
  • Improved help and information page to assist users in navigating the application.

  • Improvements made for Ikarus Wallet extension:
  • Modified the registration functionality using users' public keys (using the "Ikarus Wallet" extension).
  • Revised the function of creating sub-wallets, signing transactions, and sending tokens on the Ikarus Wallet browser extension.
  • Enhanced interaction between the extension and the Ikarus Platform, and improved endpoints for sending transactions for signing and sending them to the network.
  • Bugs were fixed during the interaction of the extension and the platform.
  • Revised some of the functions, such as displaying devices and sub-wallets.

  • Progress and work done regarding the cybersecurity and safety of the network:
  • Configured firewall, IAM, IAP
  • Interns from ENU were curated on cybersecurity, and given tasks on pen-testing, containerization, and secure configuration of databases, containers, and Redis.
  • Additional transaction verification for the pool.

  • * The revisions and improvements done across Ikarus Smart Logistics and other Prometeo applications are not strictly limited to these lists.
    Prometeo Chain System has achieved significant milestones in the development of Prometeo applications and partnerships within a three-month timeframe. Notable progress has been made with railway and warehouse management, as well as through collaborations with FIATA. The Ikarus Network also has undergone considerable changes and fixes, with the development of the Ikarus Wallet extension for improved network accessibility. Numerous enhancements have been implemented across various aspects of the applications, such as user experience, data visualization, contract management, resource allocation, cybersecurity, and documentation.
    We are committed to providing the best solutions for logistics and supply chain management, — technology that allows increased efficiency and transparent communication for your company!
    Stay tuned for further updates and follow us on our social media accounts:
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