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History behind Prometeo Chain System: Unveiling an astonishing journey
09/19/2023 · 5 min read
Want to get to know Prometeo Chain System better? Then why not ask the CEO directly?
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In the sphere of logistics and supply chain, innovation and transparency have emerged as essential factors for efficiency and success. Prometeo Chain System, a groundbreaking initiative, embodies these principles and takes a step further to develop a transformative future for the industry. We had the honor of sitting down with the ingenious entrepreneur behind Prometeo, Andrea Cadamuro, the CEO, to unravel the inception, challenges, and triumphs of our company.
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The Genesis of the idea
How did the idea of creating Prometeo Chain System first come about and what inspired you to start this venture?
Prometeo was born from an idea gained after years of experience in international shipping and manufacturing. Very often, I found myself on the side of the supplier who had to ship, but also in the one who had to receive, seeing problems on both sides. Lack of communication and transparency only leads to systematically increasing communication, reducing trust, and increasing costs and delivery times.
Knowledge and experience
What role did your personal knowledge and experience play in the development and management of Prometeo Chain System?
My experience ranges from blockchain, where I worked within different teams for 11 years, to managing manufacturing companies for 16 years. I had to deal with all phases of an order, from production to delivery and installation, experiencing firsthand the issues of lack of information, lack of transparency, and the challenges of not being able to monitor the whole process automatically.
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Confronting early challenges
Were there any serious problems or obstacles that you encountered in the early stages of founding the company, and how did you overcome them?
One obstacle I encounter daily is the difficulty on the part of a company's staff to accept change and see change as facilitating day-to-day activities. Many times, company managers appear interested and inclined to use innovative technologies with the purpose of increasing profit and reducing costs, but the staff who have to implement them very often are not interested if it changes their daily activities.
Turning point in recognizing the potential of Prometeo
What was the defining moment when you realized that Prometeo Chain System could potentially change the rules of the game in and outside the logistics industry?
From the very first moment, I realized that Prometeo could be the solution to many problems, both in the area of logistics and supply chain and in the area of product certification. The purpose is to increase transparency, safety, and reliability.
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Role models and inspiration
Were there any mentors or role models who influenced your entrepreneurial path and the development of Prometeo?
"Often the term utopia is the most convenient way to dismiss what one has no desire, ability, or courage to do. A dream seems like a dream until you start working on it. And then it can become something infinitely greater," said Adriano Olivetti.
My model of an entrepreneur is Adriano Olivetti, a man who started from typewriters and created the first technology company in Italy and Europe, among the most important in the world. He was able, within his company, to have visionary people who created the first mini-computer with a small digital transistor electronic computer with 4 Ki × 12 bits of magnetic memory. An innovator who led his company to excel with the corporate culture of not just making profits but making culture, creating wealth, and giving an opportunity to young people.
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Bright moments with clients
Can you share any memorable situations or lessons learned from interacting with the first Prometeo customers/users?
I remember the first time we collaborated with one of our clients, a logistics company. It was our first collaboration, and it was quite problematic because the issues we were going to solve had never been counted or evaluated in terms of problems. At first, the managers had a hard time understanding and interacting constructively. But after talking to the manager of the company, I realized that the issues I had encountered and was trying to solve, he had also encountered. After our meeting, having his support, we were able to begin the implementation. After of the work, we had confirmation that some employees were not working properly for the company. From that moment, our relationship became more than professional, personal, and trusting.
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Criticism and questions
Did you encounter skepticism or doubts from investors, customers and stakeholders at the beginning, and how did you solve these problems?
Yes, certainly, everyday customers or investors initially question, "Why are you different? What do you have more than the proposals now available? Why should I have a headache and change something?" My answer is always, that change is certainly not easy and immediate, but our solution is not only different but unique. Imagine that you cannot only control a location but also control how it is transported, handled, and where. Automatically inform the client when the product is ready and its actual location. This will allow you to not only better manage the single part of the delivery but also protect your business from mistakes, better manage communication, and in some ways help your clients to better launch their products in marketing by creating a chain that is not only of trust but of transparency. Today companies, because of lack of information, lose about 6-10% of annual profit as well as having image damage. So I say why lose 6-10% when investing an amount much less than 1% can change and solve the problem?
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Reflection and triumphs
Looking back, what do you personally consider the most significant things or achievements in the history of Prometeo and how did they affect the future of the company?
We have been visionaries from the very beginning. We have created a network that allows the processing of very high amounts of information. But our most important achievement has been the creation of new types of conditional smart contracts, which can come true not only with time but with a different infinity of conditions, both automatic and manual, allowing the application not only in the industrial or logistics sphere but also in product protection safeguarding the product from counterfeits or in a future to the automatic control of IoT systems remotely even in the absence of a platform.
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In concluding our conversation with Andrea Cadamuro, the visionary CEO behind Prometeo Chain System, it's evident that innovation is at the heart of this ambitious venture. Drawing from extensive experience in international shipping and manufacturing, Prometeo seeks to bridge gaps, enhance transparency, and streamline communication within the logistics and supply chain sector.
As we look ahead, it's evident that Prometeo's journey has only just begun. The ripple effects of its innovative approach are destined to resonate and change the confines of the industry, starting a new era of efficiency, trust, and progress.
Stay tuned as promising Prometeo unfolds, redefining the rules of the game for logistics and beyond.
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