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Forwarder and Broker
Make your trucking operations visible to transport experts
Whether you are just entering the world of trucking or are already an established expert, Ikarus is your reliable partner on the road to success. Our arsenal of state-of-the-art solutions is designed to take your business to the next level, optimizing pricing and increasing the efficiency of your freight operations.
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Easy publish your request
Create your freight offer in seconds by entering key information like place of departure and destination, type of cargo, and preferred type of vehicle.

You only have to enter the route details, dates, vehicle type, and your available volume and weight.

Increase your chances to find loads even further!
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Discover top freight opportunities first.
I With Ikarus, you'll always be one step ahead, finding the best deals on freight transportation within 20, 50, and 100 miles from your route, or your city.

With our technology, you will be able to see all new offers along your routes to maximize your revenue and reduce your costs, and reduce the empty trip.
Control your costs and maximize your revenue
Cover every step of running your business, from managing loads to planning trips to getting paid.
Find more vehicles with the best price
Get the most accurate market rates based on $70 billion in verified freight deals, plus tools that vet every business partner.
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How easy is it to find trucks for freight shipping?
Looking for transporters with empty truck loads? Ikarus Way makes your search easy!

Create your vehicle search in seconds by entering some key information like route, loading and delivery dates, and required truck.

A list of available carriers meeting your exact requirements will be displayed so you can actively contact them. Ikarus Way multiplies your chances of finding the right partner.
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Find the most favorable prices
Move more freight with access to over thousands trucks on the Ikarus Way Platform, plus tools to maximize your private network of carries.

Expand your reach

Automated booking / negotiation tools

Verify Carriers Rapidly
Ready to simplify your operations?
Expand your operations without growing your back office. Operations and accounting integrated into one system that expands with your business.

Simplify your accounting

Eliminate paperwork

Analyze your operations
Shipping Cost Management
Maintaining competitive shipping rates without compromising on service quality is often a complex task. Ikarus Way provides a solution by offering real-time rate comparisons and negotiation capabilities directly on the platform. This ensures you secure the best deals, facilitating efficient cost management and maintaining high service standards.
Enhance your operations and productivity!
Optimize business and enhance security with Ikarus Way, a state-of-the-art platform integrating Blockchain, IoT, and GPS technologies. Our solution provides actionable insights, our technology permits meticulously verifying and issues documents like proof of delivery, CMR, BoL and more, aligning with international laws. Streamline operations and fleet coordination with Ikarus Way's advanced, all-in-one system.
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Improve transparency
See where your drivers, assets, materials, and equipment are and how they’re being delivered, in real time and even in remote areas
Streamline connectivity
Connect vehicles, drivers, clients, partners and the office so everyone can access critical operational information and collaborate faster.
Improve efficiency
Optimize the efficiency for your business, avoid travel empty and Maximizing Truck Load Factor