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Ikarus Network
Join the fastest distributed network designed for B2B!
Today, the cloud and centralized network are not safe and reliable. The future is to use a distributed network to protect your information and Ikarus Network can be the perfect partner for your business.
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What is the Ikarus Network and how can help your business?
Transforming efficiency and safety to the supply chain.
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Ikarus Network
Ikarus Network is our cutting-edge decentralized blockchain network, capable of processing 230,000 transactions per second (TPS), making it one of the fastest and most reliable networks on the market. Using our distributed network improves your operational automation, data storage, provenance verification and ensures data immutability. Specifically designed for B2B clients, it provides fast and reliable processing of large volumes of data coming from IoT devices, GPS systems and financial transactions.
High Throughput
Ikarus Network is a network designed for high throughput of data, today we reached 230k Transactions per second. This value permits us to support a big variety of data. In the our network you can process data from:
IoT Devices
Gps Tracker
Financial Transactions
Smart contract and more
Smart-Contract Innovation
Experience a paradigm shift with our innovative smart contracts, facilitating automated operations tailored to a multitude of rules and conditions to meet diverse needs. These smart contracts provide seamless support for managing IoT systems, handling payment processes, streamlining order processing, and more. Unlock the full potential of customization through our cutting-edge no-code technology.
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Wallet and Sub-wallet
Ikarus Network: Streamlined B2B Blockchain for Wallet Management. Register a main company wallet and individual sub-wallets for transparency in external transactions and internal operations, balancing network member privacy with organizational clarity.
Operation control
Activity control
Transaction control
Protecting your business is our mission.
Ikarus Way helps your transparency and your operations.
230 K
Max Speed of network
Nr of wallet connected on network daily
5 MI
Number of transactions in the first 12 days of January 2024
Maximize transparency
Protect your information
Reduce errors
Encrypted your information