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Ikarus Stock
Blockchain-Enabled WMS solutions.
Revamp warehouse management with Ikarus Stock, merging seamlessly with Ikarus Network's distributed network and employing AI to enhance efficiency. This intelligent platform automates tasks, speeds up order processing and inventory management, freeing up your focus for strategic priorities.
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How it works
Ikarus Stock utilizes QR and RFID technologies alongside blockchain-based smart contracts
web iconWeb platform
mobile iconMobile platform
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The web platform
Ikarus Stock`s web platform streamlines warehouse management, offering a user-friendly interface for efficient inventory control. It enables seamless tracking and management of inventory through smart contracts, ensuring transparency and accuracy.
Simplified Inventory Control
Smart Contract Integration
Real-time Monitoring
Blockchain Connectivity
The mobile app
The Ikarus Stock mobile app extends warehouse management capabilities to handheld devices, enabling on-the-go inventory tracking and management. Through QR and RFID technologies, users gain advanced inventory control, making stock management convenient and accurate.
On-the-go Inventory Tracking
QR and RFID Integration
User-Friendly Interface
Real-time Updates
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How Can Ikarus Way resolve your challenges?
High opportunity to manage your warehouse more efficiently
web iconGrowth your business
mobile iconTransparency and Visiblity
mobile iconBlockchain Connectivity
Growth your business
The integration of the smart platform Ikarus Stock with the distributed network Ikarus Network serves as a catalyst for the growth of business operations. By simplifying and enhancing warehouse management through artificial intelligence, the platform streamlines processes, allowing for a more efficient and agile business environment.
Cost Reducing
Automation of routine tasks
Staff productivity
Document Verification using AI
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Transparency and Visibility
Transparency and visibility are vital in a competitive market. Companies must attract new customers, streamline operations and build trust with partners in order to effectively interact with customers and avoid mistakes.
Intelligent Warehouse Management
Monitor shipments via IoT devices
Transparency for Customers
Inventory Accuracy
Blockchain Connectivity
The integration of blockchain technology within IkarusStock ensures secure and immutable data management. Through blockchain, the platform maintains a tamper-proof record of inventory transactions, enhancing trust, data integrity, and security across the warehouse ecosystem.
Flexible integration with third-party services
Secure and Immutable Data Management
Enhanced Trust and Transparency
Data Integrity Assurance
Strengthened Security Measures
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AI-Enhanced Warehouse Management
Introducing our innovative Ikarus Stock Smart Inventory Tracking System, an AI-powered warehouse management solution. Utilizing sophisticated AI algorithms, smart contracts, and IoT technology, this system transforms the way warehouses handle inventory, guaranteeing unmatched efficiency and precision.
A complete solution for managing and protecting your warehouse.
Built for managers and operatives. Better outcomes for all structures.
42 %
Errors were reduced in the first 2 months.
22 %
Reduced acceptance and registration times.
87 %
Identification errors before they could lead to issues.
Minimize time
Minimize the time management inside the warehouse and your operations.
Prevent errors
Prevent the errors before they lead to issues, not only in order management but in any operation.
Today, transparency is the best method to increase customer trust and loyalty.
Improve traceability
The traceability in a company offers numerous significant benefits, improving operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.