Smart Mining Network

Mine-Safety Is Our First Concern

The mines are a place that requires the highest safety standards, the problems that can be encountered are of various kinds, from possible explosions, from the impossibility of tracking employees in real-time to the need to detect gases, noises or the presence of dust and in some cases also the presence of fumes, another problem is the maintenance of equipment. All these problems can cause damage, and accidents both to the mine structure and to the personnel or reduce production. For this reason, Prometeo with its Ikarus mining Network wants to create the first network with IoT systems to protect the health of workers and increase their productivity.

The most common problems in the management of a mine are the nature of the safety of workers and the healthiness of the working environment as well as maintenance difficult to program for this reason with Ikarus we offer the possibility to bring the strength of IoT technology together with blockchain technology.

Smart Personnel Management (tracking indoor and outdoor).

With Ikarus, it is possible to track the workers inside and outside the entire mine and create a map with the position in real-time, this is through our antennas that can be installed in any place without the need to use power cables and therefore limited to a minimum the presence of sparks from the power supply and increasing the speed of displacement of the network in new areas. Thanks to our standard, with only the use of tags and Wi-Fi technology, it will be possible not just to track the positions of workers but to recognize themselves by the number, and check the working hours directly from the main office without report or paper.

Sensors IoT

In all the wireless antennas of our production, we insert an air quality detector that can alert all workers connected to the antenna itself and that also alerts the safety department in real time. But we have not limited to that thanks to our partners we can provide high-performance sensors, not only for air or fumes but also for sounds or dust, all powered by batteries that send values via radio waves and blockchain every 10 minutes.

Sensor for equipment.

Our antennas can also receive performance data from vehicles or machinery that are equipped with IoT sensors to be able to provide the data necessary to prevent and manage related maintenance, this reduces the financial loss for the time loss in extraordinary maintenance.

Ensure data security

Mining companies are generally very protective of their data; they need to be in control of this information in case of an incident or accident. Digitization of their mining processes poses risks in terms of hackers getting into the system and controlling the mine’s operations. Reliable, experienced, smart mining companies generally ensure, however, that a mine’s data is well-protected and secured. One common way of protecting data is through employing on-premise data acquisition systems, which help to avoid a breach because their wireless network of geophysical sensors is concentrated in an area on the site being monitored. Rather than having data “floating” around in a cloud that is located on the internet, we provide a reliable network by our blockchain with encrypted communications, in a network, distributed but not accessible to a third party.