AI and ML

The our Artificial intelligent and Machin Learning are making for improve the quality, the efficiently and make predicts for the maintenance and production.

IoT services

Ikarus with the master node and slave antenna permit to be connected with all IoT devices.
Ikarus receive all raw data from the sensor directly without using any kind of web service.


Ikarus using the our DAG network multilayer , with the our network Ikarus every devices connected to the slave antenna send the refine data by our AI directly in the profile of users without using any kind of web service and without internet if is not available all by our network distribuited.

Ikarus grazie allo standard creato, puo’ essere utilizzato non solo in un ambiente interno ma anche per un uso esterno
Ikarus rende possibile l’accesso al servizio non solo tramite i tag di nostra produzionne ma anche tramite smartphone.
Ikarus utilizza per proteggere la privacy e memorizzare i datiĀ  la tecnologia DAG rendendoli accessibili solo agli utenti finali.

As buildings become more complex, owners and facility managers can use indoor navigation to direct visitors to key locations, help technicians find maintenance access points, security purpuose and much more.