Prometeo is the future

As Prometeo brought fire into the life of men we bring the blockchain into daily life because it cannot be for a few but it must be for all.

Prometeo and its consensus mechanism Proof of Unity were created to change the paradigm of consensus mechanisms in the blockchain environment. Since the first White Paper written by Satoshi Nakatomo, a variety of mechanisms were developed. For instance, different types of mechanisms were developed with his Proof of Work, such as Proof of Stake, Delegate Proof of Stake, Proof of History, Proof of Authority and many more. Today, each consensus mechanism has mostly focused on performance alone, at the expense of scalability or environmental impact aspects. But all of them have a common paradigm: all nodes compete with each other to create and close the block. This approach creates problems in terms of security and performance because each node works autonomously and the system allows them to create blocks compromising their security and resilience. This approach also creates a scalability problem, because an increase in performance is necessary to maximize the amount of hardware. This obviously has the positive aspect of increasing security but at the expense of many other important factors.

We created the consensus mechanism Proof of Unity to change the paradigm of interaction between nodes, which will lead to an increase in speed, scalability, and decentralization. We will resolve the trilemma with a different approach and 

Prometeo and PoU
Biometric data on blockchain
Biometric data

As a result of the research conducted by Foteini Toutara and Georgios Spathoulas, we will develop the technology to use biometric data such as fingerprints, retinal scans and facial scans to generate a Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE). Such encryption guarantees the identity authenticity of the signer, this type of public cryptographic key makes dates secure and inviolable. Despite it being very complex in its experimental nature, it is also the most secure and appropriate in the field of biometric values. 

Scan of fingerprint, face or retina on Prometeo will be encoded with cryptographic coordinates and values compatible with blockchain encoding. The biometric data will be encoded into binary values of the characteristic points starting from an example value. With our algorithm, the system matches the digital signature of the chosen wallet. It allows the union of a single digital signature with the data of a person, thus eliminating any possibility of digital signature cloning or misuse.

This novelty will allow transactions to be carried out and confirmed even without a double confirmation verification. Users will be able to restore a wallet lacking the secret phrase or the 12 words, it will be possible to recover it with the private key of the wallet and the chosen biometric fingerprint.

Rollback on Prometeo

Rollback service will be an absolute novelty; it will represent a revolutionary technology that allows restoring a wrongly sent transaction while keeping the blockchain intact. To date, experiments revealed that the approach of various developers is able to change the state of the transaction directly from the block inside the blockchain. Therefore, this approach creates a fundamental problem: the impossibility of keeping the chain inviolated.


This approach, in the end, is completely inefficient. For this reason, we propose a methodological alternative by changing the paradigm. Our system is based on a special transaction made through a timed smart contract, that will send the asset blocked for a time limit of 10 minutes. This special transaction will allow you to recall the assets by sending a minimum transaction to the smart contract, at the end of 10 minutes the smart contract will automatically release the assets to the destination wallet whether it is in Prometeo or independently will be sent to the destination blockchain.

The 10-minute duration transaction of the smart contract will make the receiver asset available in the wallet but locked. Receivers will be informed about attacks and manipulation in their wallet.

This approach allows us to solve 3 problems: to keep the chain inviolate, to protect the user from the loss of his assets due to a wrong transition, and to create a user-friendly environment making the blockchain close to the end-user, whether a regular blockchain user or a first-time user. The choice to allow a fixed timeline is to allow getting back the assets in case of a wrong transaction while maintaining the right to receive the assets from the receiver.  

Rollback transaction