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Proof of Navigation is a new mechanism of consensus. PON contains 3 different types of consent that are necessary to validate a position, the coverage, and give a real position in real-time to the end-user.
Ikarus uses 3 different types of devices to validate the coverage and validate the positions. These devices allow coverage outside urban environments, although not inside buildings.

The system uses an innovative system of development to recognize a fixed position in a real environment, similar to the address in a blockchain environment. CNC standard will allow recognizing a coordinate or a geohash position converted into a crypto address.

This address will need to be connected to the smart contract with the blocked Prometeo coins to guarantee one’s “work” of validating the positions.
Smartphones and their positions or tags are confirmed by the distributed network of beacons each time the device connects to the nearest network.
The connection takes place via UWB (Ultra-wideband) for environments like

 inside buildings and in underground environments. Greater precision is given by a frequency in the Ghz range and the Bluetooth connection bringing the precision equal to 50cm on the outside. We will use one LPWAN standard with a low radio frequency and the Mioty standard, which appears to be the most reliable in terms of communication and safety given its resistance to jamming. It’s resistant to interference from other devices.

The Proof of Navigation consensus mechanism is the sum of the three mechanisms necessary to guarantee the location and time of a given event.

The three mechanisms are:

  • Proof of coverage: Our version as opposed to the Helium version, allows you to validate the real coverage by the antenna and home devices. This coverage is given by our BFT(Byzantine fault tolerance) system relates the different devices between a home device with a slave antenna and portable devices. If they result in a non-compliant place, they will be eliminated by triangulation.
  • Proof of presence: The proof of the presence in the individual home devices guarantees the issuance of a reward or proof of an actual presence at the predetermined place. It will validate smart contracts, transactions, and all automatic activities that will be supported by Ikarus.
  • Proof of position: It is the confirmation of the location of the single mobile device and the relative navigation.

These 3 mechanisms can be grouped as the Proof of Navigation system.