Smart security

Redefining Security Needs
Ikarus Secuirty Network perit to connect all Internet of Things (IoT) security cameras, sensors and software take facility security beyond basic alarm systems, with the strongest protocol of cyber security. 

The benefits of smart security with Ikarus Security Network

Ikarus Smart Security

Ikarus smart security Network combine blockchain and our exclusive radio standard together the  sophisticated technology to protect residents and critical assets. These systems include:

  • Blockchain DAG Ikarus infinity sensors and video connected by encrypted communication
  • Data certified by blockchain
  • Not necessary server dedicated
  • Access to the data exclusive by blockchain
  • Ai & ML for refine all raw data information collected by sensor and camera
  • Exclusive Standard Radio without internet or web service
  • Node validator of Ikarus with AI & ML
  • Our Ikarus system of navigation for tracking the people indoor and outdoor the building by our tag and WI-fi, BLE

Ikarus can be connected with all IoT devices ans software like:

  • Sensors
  • Video technology (e.g., internet protocol (IP) cameras)
  • Advanced software and analytics made by third party
  • High-uptime networks
  • IoT-based alarm systems